Naki Honey World-renowned, the connoisseurs’ choice

Naki Manuka Honey
World-renowned, the connoisseurs’ choice

Award winning, pure Mānuka honey from one of New Zealand's most pristine locations. A supreme superfood - unprocessed, untainted and unbelievably good.

Mānuka is the highly sought after queen of honeys. 
Real mānuka honey can only come from one location - New Zealand. Those who feast on Naki™ honey know that the greatest Mānuka can only come from one region,  the Taranaki. 

Distinctions at the london international honey awards 2021 for honey quality
Distinctions at the london international honey awards 2021 for honey quality

Eat, Better, Honey.

Naki Mānuka is regarded globally as being cut from a different cloth. Exceptionally rich in natural antimicrobial properties, beneficial enzymes and compounds. Upon taste, you will enjoy the silky, melt in your mouth texture of a honey harvested from a distant paradise.

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After acquiring some Manuka dense land deep in the rugged backcountry of the Taranaki, the Mascull family has taken their craft & love of honey from the local farmers markets to the world & is fast becoming a recognised leader amongst the markets demanding an artisan, high end Manuka.

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    Scientifically Proven

    True Mānuka honey must have at least 70% Mānuka pollen content to be labelled as Mānuka. Our honey vastly exceeds this amount, as verified by third party laboratories in NZ,  making it one of the best versions of Mānuka honey available. 


    From the terroir of the Naki to you.

    The Taranaki is an agricultural & surfing epicentre of NZ; centred around an ancient volcano, this microclimate is home to vast tract of lush Mānuka bush as well as a coastline which is home to the Surf Highway 45, both abundant sources of secret spots revered not just in NZ, but internationally for their respective qualities.

    Peek behind the scenes

    We own our production line

    At every step, Naki™ honey's quality is thoroughly monitored & optimised.


    Hives located deep in Taranaki backcountry where bees feast on wild Mānuka.


    Honey boxes taken to Naki's extraction facility.


    Mānuka is then put into Naki jars along a processing line and a QR code is attached.


    Customers can then scan their individual bottles of honey & get chemical tests & information on their beloved jar of Naki.


    Naki beekeepers retrieve the hives (sometimes using helicopters).


    Tonnes of delicious Mānuka is put into barrels and also sent away for chemical analysis & tests.


    Naki honey then exported from here to our valued clientele around the world.

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